Non-ablative Fractional Laser Peel

$800/Session or $1800 For 3 Sessions.

Youthful and growing skin its not a dream anymore !!!

fractional laser
We are offering 40% off FRACTIONAL laser skin resurfaces .The skin texture and complexion by producing thousands of tiny deep microscopic columns in the skin which are referred to as microscopic treatment zones (MTZ). These tiny treatment zones are surrounded by uninjured tissue. In other words, only a fraction of the skin is targeted, therefore, the skin is left intact which allows for quick wound healing. This treatment results in rapid re-epithelialization, eliminating old epidermal pigmented cells, while penetrating the deeper dermis dramatically reducing visible scarring or wrinkles. Each treatment targets 20% to 25% of the skin’s surface. The number of treatments recommended is anywhere between 1 to 4 sessions depending on your skin concern and the severity of the condition. Normally treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart and optimal results are visible in approximately 2-3 months post-treatment.

About Fractional Dual

We are proud to offer the new laser latest technologies , penetrates deep into the skin layers, specifically targeting concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles around the face and eyes. Deeper injury zones translate to greater volume of tissue affected and deeper dermal re-modeling. The variable spot size hand piece optimizes each pulse energy selection for maximum depth and effect. Our laser machine is intended for the treatment of superficial indications due to its much higher absorption in the superficial layer of the skin. Higher pulse energies form deeper coagulation zones and affect more tissue volume.

The Fractional Procedure

On the day of treatment, topical numbing is left on the skin for approximately one hour prior to the treatment. The actual laser treatment is approximately 20 minutes. During the actual treatment you will feel a warm prickling sensation on the skin which most clients describe as tolerable. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will feel warm which is comparable to a mild sunburn for 1 to 2 hours post-treatment. Redness and swelling is common, however, the degree of redness and swelling will vary from individual to individual. This reaction or pinkness will persist anywhere between three to five days which will be accompanied by bronzing (the skin will have a bronze appearance for 3 to 10 days) and flaking of the skin. Normally a moisturizing cream will minimize the appearance of flaking or peeling. While the skin regenerates and flakes, sunscreen should be applied on a daily basis to protect against sun exposure during the healing process.You may apply make-up and you are able to shave within 24 hour after the treatment.


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