Cellulite & Body Contouring – $150/session or $1200 for 10 sessions


Body contouring is becoming an increasingly popular non-surgical treatment used to significantly diminish the appearance of cellulite and melt away those last few stubborn pounds. Body contouring is achieved through the use of Radio Frequency (RF), directly applied and massaged over the skin via Sharplight’s RF head. RF current is formed when charged particles flow through a closed circuit. As the energy meets resistance in the tissue (fat and cellulite), a rotation of water molecules occurs, which translates into fiction and produces heat, smoothing out the appearance of cellulite.

Radio frequency is applied through a hand piece in constant motion over the epidermis (outer most layer of the skin) of the treatment area. RF heating causes tightening of collagen as well as dermal collagen remodeling leading to smoother, tighter skin, body shaping, and circumference reduction. Thermal effect includes increased local blood circulation, promotes fibrous tissue breakdown, drainage of fatty deposits through the lymphatic system, and disintegration of fat.

Increasing the temperature of the fat cells by 10 degrees increases the lipolytic (fat cell destruction) process rate. Creating simultaneous selective heating of fat cells in the dermis and subcutaneous layer, results in cellulite reduction.

Clients should note however that this is procedure designed to help in the appearance of cellulite, and that there is actually no way of permanently removing cellulite, nor is there any way to prevent it from coming back. To achieve the best possible results from body contouring, clients should return to the clinic for touch up procedures. Living an active and healthy lifestyle will also aid in achieving optimal results.

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