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Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving? Can’t bare the pain of waxing? With Laser Hair Removal you can enjoy a permanent reduction in hair growth. This virtually painless treatment offers an easy way to remove hair from your face and body, so you can get on with your day-to-day life without having to worry about unwanted hair.

Body Contouring

The basic principle governing all non intrusive medaesthetic body contouring treatments is causing fat molecules to break down and then be absorbed into the blood stream and expelled from the body through normal metabolic functions. Considering the side effects of the alternative cosmetic surgical procedures, the advantages of medaesthetic body contouring treatments become apparent. However, these non intrusive treatments must promise results which are just as good (if not better) and long lasting in order to be considered viable options.

Acne Treatment

Acne treatment with Red & Blue Pulsed Light We have the only clinic in Port Credit with this unique Acne-specific technology. The blue light component kills the acne bacteria in the skin and the red light reduces inflammation through shrinkage of the inflamed sebaceous glands. No anaesthetic is required, the treatment is well tolerated and feels just like a minor pinprick sensation. A course of treatment is normally needed. The number of treatments will depend on the extent and severity of the Acne outbreak. You are welcome to book a free consultation to learn more about our Acne treatments and to have any questions answered.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin treatments using the  photorejuvenation process represent a breakthrough in age-defying skin care. This new technique treats skin damage non-invasively. There is no disruption of the skin’s epidermal surface. IPL treatments address the effects of photo-aging and sun damage with  low risk of complications and no recovery time.

Pigmentation Treatment

The specially designed IPL light is absorbed only by the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment (melanin) and destroys the pigment granules. It does not destroy the surrounding tissues or remove the normal skin colour. The light pulses produced by the IPL feels similar to a flicking rubber band and for most people is not too uncomfortable.

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