Charcoal Rescue Masque
75 ml – $62.00


Cooling Masque
75 ml – $35.50


MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque
75 ml – $71.00

Foaming Wash
177 ml – $29.00
Pore Cleaning Scrub
75 ml – $29.00

150 ml – $58.00


Powerful problem-solvers, Dermalogica Masques help rescue skin 2-3 times a week.

Intense and powerful, Dermalogica Masques deliver a dramatic boost to skin, whether you’re in need of purifying, hydration, or recovery from environmental damage.

How It Works

Masques used to be used to tighten skin – sometimes only delivering that tightness by drying it out! Advancements of ingredient technology have progressed the benefits of skin masques: they can now help skin recover from damage, infuse skin with vitamins even clear away breakout-causing bacteria!
Masques are super concentrated and powerful, which is why you only need to use them two to three times a week. The benefit of a masque can be seen almost instantly, as the give an energizing boost to skin. Because masques dramatically benefit skin, they are the ideal supplement to your regimen, delivering cleansing, hydration, or help with skin aging in just 10 minutes

Where to Start

Choosing the right cleanser is critical to skin health. Come in and for a free consultation with our skin care specialists and reveal the cleanser that’s right for your skin!

Dramatically enhance your regimen once or twice a week with powerful Dermalogica Masques! Come in and for a free consultation with our skin care specialists and find the masque treatment that will boost your skin’s health.

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