Relaxation Massage $65/Hour


De-stress and achieve a sense of peace and harmony

Our Relaxation Massage treatment has been designed by experienced therapists and shaped by customer feedback. The treatment uses relieving techniques and hand-picked Dermalogica essential oil to leave you feeling de-stressed and at peace and harmony.

This treatment uses a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Reflexology techniques

The Swedish element of the treatment uses strokes, motions and pressure in the direction of blood flow into your heart. By using cross-fiber friction your therapist is able to break up any muscle knots you may have. The Deep Tissue element will focus on realigning deeper layers of muscle and tissue, helping to ease any aches or pains, stiff neck and back or tightness in your legs. The Reflexology element of the treatment is deeply relaxing and therapeutic, achieved by applying gentle but firm pressure to acupressure points, mainly in the feet.

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