Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Starting from $50


Moles can vary in shape, size, colour, location and depth and the best removal technique depends on these characteristics. VascuLyse offers a fast, painless, and convenient option to removing moles. Skin tags are small growths that typically appear with age. Skin tags can appear in the same color as the skin, or appear darker. With only a small capillary connection, skin tags can be removed easily using VascuLyse. There are a few varieties of skin tags that people can develop, for example skin tags can exist with a stem or appear flat. The type of skin tag present can affect both the treatment duration and pricing. (pricing starts at $50)

The following are some advantages of choosing VascuLyse:

  • Fast with absolutely no down time
  • Treatable with a single appointment
  • Little to no discomfort reported
  • No visible scarring
  • Results are visible immediately

Before any treatment takes place it is important for clients to get clearance from their physician that their mole is purely a cosmetic issue. Consultations are always free and are recommended prior to treatment. (Pricing starts at $50)


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